Take Action & Get Involved

Volunteers from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, and knowledge of Vietnamese is not required. The areas we help have multiple needs and every attempt will be made to match the volunteers educational background with appropriate work. Referrals from past participants receive first priority, and early registration is recommended, as it takes two months to obtain the working visa.

Please complete the Medical Mission application. Once submitted the application, an account is created for you and a link is included in the acknowledgement email. You will use that link to update your application if needed. Your application will be reviewed. Depend on your qualification and the week(s) you applied for, you may be interviewed and/or requested to submit additional documents.

You will receive an acceptance email when your application is approved. Follow instruction in the acceptance email to complete the application as soon as possible. Below are basic documents that you will need to submit to PVNF as mentioned in the acceptance email:

  • Color photo or PDF file of page one of your passport.

  • Current resume with copy of diploma, and applicable professional license (if you are medical professional).

  • Color photo or PDF file of your valid visa to Vietnam if you already had one; Otherwise, a visa application if you want us to assist in applying.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, document showing current education status and a consent letter from your parent/guardian who go with you.

You email required documents to us if they are in PDF or image format. Otherwise, print and mail to us to Project Vietnam Foundation, P.O. Box 9479, Fountain Valley, CA 92728.

You are also required to pay the initial deposit payment ($250 for health professionals and $100 for non-health volunteers) by December 31, 2018 and the final remaining payment by February 15, 2019. Payment instruction will be given in the check list.

Vietnam is not the one of the worst location for poverty or needs, but it is at the juncture of development and healthcare is one of the most crucial area for improvement. Project Vietnam has earned a credibility which allows us to contribute building blocks for healthcare development and empowerment of health professionals. Ultimately the children of Vietnam and the needy families will be the beneficiaries of the work of PVNF volunteers.