Our Vision

Since 1996, Project Vietnam Foundation has provided medical assistance to Vietnam, initially as a Global program of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), then as an separate non-profit organization in order to expand and serve the needy families of Vietnam

From the Northern highlands to the flooded plains of the Mekong Delta, Project Vietnam has organized mission trips to underserved areas of Vietnam continuously. We have focused on serving ethnic minorities and poor families in some of the country’s most remote rural locations. We bring health care to the needy through surgical corrections for children with birth deformities and eye defects, medical exams and treatment to villages and schools, and training to health personnel at all level of the medical system, from villages to hospitals and academic centers.

Our long-term programs have assisted the development of crucial services: newborn health, emergency care, cardiac treatment, training for disaster management, and promoted important guidelines for children health care. Our Newborn Care Initiative is especially successful, in creating model projects and training programs to decrease infant mortality.

Through the annual medical missions, our medical teams have improved the health of tens of thousands of children and their families, and our training programs benefit millions of children. 

We could not have achieved such success without the contribution of our donors and friends, the collaboration of our partner organizations, and the heartfelt involvement of our volunteers. We are looking forward to continuing the work and to share with you our new directions towards building sustainability!