Our Programs

PVNF is non-profit organization which has a permit with the government of Vietnam to deliver healthcare assistance as direct services and training activities. Our mission is to serve needy children and families in remote areas, train health personnel and promote improved sustainable guidelines to benefit patient care.

The Programs:

  1. Medical mission trips to needy provinces chosen on the basis of health care needs, and cooperation of the local government. The teams provide free surgeries to children with birth deformities and eye defects, primary care services (medical, dental and vision care). The medical team averages 100 volunteers and works during the first generally during the first weeks of March.

  2. Training to improve current health services, especially to children, has been the longstanding focus of PVNF. Every year during the first two weeks of March and November, medical specialists travel to provide focused training:

    • Seminars and conferences bringing international specialists to update and provide technical knowledge.

    • Newborn Care Initiative, which started in 2002 and is ongoing, develops models appropriate to Vietnam and advocating guidelines to decrease mortality and prevention of illnesses. The most successful project has been to bring the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP newborn resuscitation program through training of instructors and providers. First introduced in March 2015, this initiative will train national instructors for the S.T.A.B.L.E. program, which teaches the necessary skills to manage sick newborns. Over 5000 CPR kits have been donated saving at least 500,000 babies.

    • Pediatric disaster training courses in three regions of Vietnam in collaboration with the AAP

    • Pediatric first aid for caregivers in partnership with Vietnamese-American NGO Network since 2010, 120 instructors trained and 1500 providers – teachers mainly. The program creates a safer environment for children in daycare and schools.

    • Development of a model for pediatric comprehensive healthcare Bright Futures (AAP) since 2010 at the Children’s hospital in HCM city.

    • Model programs to develop capacity locally to improve children’s healthcare in mountain areas (evaluation and treatment of malnutrition/anemia and preventive health care including hygiene, clean water).

PVNF seeks active collaborations for sustainable growth of programs: with US partners (AAP for which it is the representative in Vietnam, Lua Viet group, International Relief Teams Inc VA-NGO Network and members, VN Help, Our1World, , UCLA Public Health school, and the Latter Day Saints Charities). And with Vietnam organizations: Children’s Hospitals in 3 main cities, the lead Women’s hospitals in Saigon and Hanoi, General and University Hospitals, and works consistently at several locations both in north and south Vietnam.

It has also current cooperative agreements with the Vietnamese Association for the Protection of Children’s Rights, the School of Public Health in Hanoi, the Vietnam Fund for Children with Disabilities and the Vietnam Young Physicians Association. The close collaboration with local partners and lead medical institutions have helped PVNF to succeed in advocating for adoption of programs and guidelines into national health policies.

Because PVNF works with local leaders, it can cause lasting changes which contribute to build capacity to ensure health services to children and needy people especially in remote localities.

We could not have achieved such success without the contribution of our donors and friends, the collaboration of our partner organizations, and the heartfelt involvement of our volunteers.