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Spring Medical Mission 2019 | March 16 - 31, 2019

In March 2019, there will be five teams come to Vietnam with different missions:

Surgery Team
March 16-24
Provides cleft lip and/or cleft palate surgical repair to pediatric patients.
Cost: $1,200
Location: Quang Tri Hospital, Quang Tri province, Vietnam

Primary Care Team
March 23-31
Provides medical exam, dental care, ultrasound, testing for anemia and diabetes, refraction test to K-12 students, reading Glasses for adults, physical therapy; dispenses medication and nutritional vitamin supplements; distributes gifts to underprivileged communities in remote villages.
Cost: $1,000
Location: Central Vietnam

Training Team
March 16-31
Provides pre-natal care, pediatric first aid and early education training.
Cost: $2,000
Location: various locations throughout Vietnam

Combination Team (Surgery, Primary Care or Training)
March 16-31
Select any two of the above three missions; final selected based on current needs determined by PVNF.
Cost: $2,000
Location: varies depending on current needs

Public Health Team
March 16-31
Provides assessments of malnutrition, anemia for Children in high-risk communities and clean water to remote preschools.
Cost: $2,000
Location: Central Vietnam