Coronavirus Updates

On March 22nd, we hosted a free webinar on coronavirus with experts who provided information and tips on the disease, as well as how to cope with the ongoing changes to our daily lives. The panel included:

  • Quynh Kieu, MD: President of Project Vietnam Foundation, Physician and Owner of Fountain Valley Pediatrics
  • Jared Spotkov, MD: Infectious Disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente
  • Marvin Weiss, MD: Pulmonary Disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente
  • Namquyen Le, MPH: Webinar Moderator, Director of Public Health programs and Media Manager at Project Vietnam Foundation, Transmedia Specialist at Hollywood, Health & Society

Webinar presentations

Feel free to type send additional questions to: Questions will be welcomed in English and Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt).

Questions & Answers

22 Mar 2020 Coronavirus Webinar Q&A



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December 3rd, 2019 Newsletter



For over 18 years, Project Vietnam Surgery teams have restored the Smile of children with Cleft lip/palate and the Sight of children with vision problems. Our Eye specialists trained Vietnam professionals to perform the surgery, and advocated for national insurance coverage, adopted in 2013. The Primary care team routinely provides Vision testing and eyeglasses for school children, and reading glasses for adults.
On October 19, 2019, the World Health published the Report on World Vision : 1/3 of the world population is blind from preventable causes, especially in Asia where there is genetically higher risk for vision problem.
In Vietnam large studies in 16 provinces, identify about 20% of the School children with Vision Impairment, mainly because of Refraction Errors. Over 50% of blindness can be prevented, and uncorrected Refraction Errors when identified early will save the Sight of the children.
In Quang Tri province, a school-based program to provide Vision screening for school children and eyeglasses to children in need, costs $20,000 annually and involves the local Eye Center.
Project Vietnam today raises funds to purchase an update Vision-Screening device (used at US schools) more accurate for mass testing and save the Vision of the children so they can learn and thrive.
Please join Vision 2020: the Right to Sight, and make a donation today on this Giving Tuesday!

September 3rd, 2019 Newsletter

                                            For your Labor of Love, thank you to PVNF volunteers and donors!


In July, 107 volunteers confronted the heat of summer in central Vietnam, to deliver healthcare in Hai Lang district: the team PVNF-MEMO-HCM School of Dentistry. The volunteers brought happiness to 2,397 needy families and children, who received medical services with EKG and ultrasound, much needed dental care including advanced procedures to 1,565, and optometry services with donation of 1,550 glasses. For more details click here ..
We thank all those who donated funds and medications, soft toys!

  Join Us For a Wonderful GALA 10/12/2019


Once a year, we invite all our donors and volunteers to come together to reconnect with our mission and raise funds to continue the work: surgery for children with birth deformities and heart defects, crucial medical/dental/vision services at remote rural locations, and training for health professionals and caregivers, to build systems of care for children as an enduring legacy for the most vulnerable groups. Please donate generously and join us if possible!A few good seats and tables are still available through

                                                                                                                                                                     Upcoming Public Health Trip November 3-13, 2019

Led by Roger Lutz, a global expert on Water issues, a small team will work in the central highlands, at rural districts in Nghe An province, to serve preschools of great poverty and where water access is an ongoing problem. If you would like to join the trip, please register here.

Upcoming activities

  • Bright Futures Pilot Training for Teachers at Disabled Children School, Quang Tri province, September 2019
  • Resiliency program for students Orange county, October 2019
  • Annual Fundraising event October 12, 2019 – volunteers needed!
  • Public Health Mission Trip November 3-13, 2019 – Vietnam

We need volunteers, please contact us!Project Vietnam is a non-profit tax ID 26-1422761 we keep administration cost <5% to maximize your donation