Volunteer For The 2019 PVNF Gala

As 24th Annual Gala for Project Vietnam Foundation is almost underway, we are recruiting passionate volunteers to assist us in helping make this event a memorable event for guest and to help raise funds for our future projects in Vietnam and in the US. 

We are asking volunteers to be able to help between the hours of 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm, on Saturday, October 12, 2019, at the Westminster Rose Center, 14140 All American Way, Westminster, CA 92683.

The following areas we need volunteers are:

  • Raffle Sales
  • Ushers
  • Registrations Table
  • VIP Host & Hostesses
  • Decorations
  • Setup
  • Greeters

To volunteer please contact,

Trinh Diep  – Minitee24@yahoo.com

Tracie Nguyen  – eventspvnf@projectvietnam.org

Dung Vu – dungvu@projectvietnam.org

We are looking forward to your help. Thank you

Volunteers are eligible to use this event for volunteer hours needed in their employment or school. 

Kindred Spirits Gather To Give Back and Make A Difference

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

People volunteer for different reasons. Some are personal. Others are about the causes they are passionate about. And on this beautiful southern California Sunday afternoon, more than thirty volunteers with the youngest at seven, come together to donate their time and talents to build arm restraints for children who will undergo surgery in March 2019.

After a brief introduction, team Southern California “Smiles for Hope” is in full swing with people cutting ribbons, boards and decorating them with designed duct tapes, putting on Velcro and punching holes. It’s a hive of activity and everyone feels at home. The initial goal is to make twenty five pairs of arm restraints. But the final count is sixty. Everyone works until the materials run out. But the most poignant moment of the event came during the meal break. Thuy-Linh Nguyen opens with welcoming remarks including a call to be the change we all wish to see for the less fortunate in Quang Tri.


Tina Le and Mark Samala follow with a brief history about Project Vietnam Foundation and what it’s like to be a part of the medical mission.

Everyone then introduce themselves and share the reason why they are there. Not all know what they’re expected to help with, but all know that their selfless acts will give the people who live thousands of miles away hope and joy and the knowledge that they are loved and cared about.

Kindred in spirit, everyone works together to live up to the principle that there is a service requirement beyond our comfort home. They all come to give back. And they all want to come back to give more. Our next project will be packaging First Aid Kits.

Stay tuned.

Visit our gallery to see more photos from this event by clicking here

Volunteering in a Small Team in Quang Tri, Vietnam

Volunteering in a Small Team in Quang Tri, Vietnam by Vi Lam

Despite working with PVNF for the past three years, this was the first time I ventured to the central area of the country and my experience in Quang Tri is undoubtedly the most memorable one so far. As the only Vietnamese-speaking member of the team, I got the opportunityto know the faculty at Quang Tri Medical College very well, and despite the language difference, they made sure other members were also feeling at home. During our first week of CPR training, the professors and faculty were very receptive tothe curriculum. Not only were they enthusiasticin participatingduringlectures, their immense energy could also be felt during the practicum. After these training sessions, our team members were invited to several social gatherings with the faculty, during which we learnedvaluable information from the rich history of Quang Tri to restaurant recommendationsthat cannot be found on the Internet. After four short weeks, our Vietnamese-American members developed a deeper appreciation for the language and culture of their home country as well as gaining valuable insights into the healthcare landscape of Vietnam, especially the rural and underserved areas.


One of the most memorable memoriesfrom my Quang Tri trip, however, is a non-healthcare related one. Within the first week, our team befriended a local high school student who was interested in pursuing studies in the United States. Listening to her reason for chasing after such a big dream was truly inspiring as she remindedme of myselfseveral years ago. Coming from such a small town in central Vietnam, where the war remnants were still visible, studying abroad was truly an unattainable dream, but this made me want to help her so much more. As there were not a lot of available resources for English learnersin Dong Ha, Quang Tri, she was improving her English skill by watching YouTube videos and the TV show ‘Friends’. As she looked up to me and the other team members as her mentors, her family also welcomed us into their home with great hospitality. Whenever I had time after the training workshops, I guided her through the American college application process and told her storiesabout my college experiencein the States. Although this is not a personal accomplishment, it was the most rewarding experience as I made a difference in a girl’s life by introducing her to the endless opportunities outside of Vietnam.

Pediatric Training during the Summer Training Mission in Quang Tri, Vietnam
Pre-Hospital Care Training with PVNF Volunteers
Medical School in Quang Tri, Vietnam

A Teen’s Journey

On March 8, 2018, I embarked on a week-long journey with the Project Vietnam Foundation (PVNF) to help provide medical care for the impoverished people of Central Vietnam. This journey not only deepened my understanding for my cultural heritage, but it also strengthened my admiration of the resilience of the Vietnamese people.

Letter From the President and Founder | Dr. Quynh Kieu

Dear Friends,

23 years ago, Project Vietnam Foundation was founded to bring much needed healthcare to the underserved regions of Vietnam.

Since its inception with the help of donors and volunteers like yourself, we accomplished beyond what we envisioned:

  • 2,050 Life changing surgeries–mainly Cleft lip and palate by our Surgical Team.
  • 93,000 adults and children in the poor rural areas of Vietnam received the gift of health, including dental and vision care from our Primary care and Dental team.
  • 100 patients with life threatening diseases, were saved by cardiac pacemakers inserted by the Cardiac Team.
  • Infant mortality has decreased from 44.4 deaths per 1000 to 14 per 1000 (70%) through the exceptional work of the Training Team and partners at the International Relief Teams, Inc, who brought the neonatal resuscitation program of the American Academy of Pediatrics to train the healthcare providers in Vietnam. It is now part of the medical schools curriculum, making it sustainable.
  • Communes in Central and North Highlands of Vietnam have been provided clean water and malnutrition treatment, through the Public Health Team.
  • Our newest programs: The Autism Initiative will bring critical skills to caregivers in Vietnam and the U.S., and we initiated a U.S. Mental Health Program to work within the Vietnamese American Community.

On Sept. 29, Project Vietnam Foundation will be holding its annual gala fundraiser at the Westminster Rose Center. The Gala is our main fundraising event in Orange County providing us with much needed funds for our ongoing work.

If you have been blessed and want to help us in our efforts to change lives, please join us at this year’s gala by purchasing a ticket or sponsoring a table. Come learn about our mission and enjoy a night of food and entertainment.

If you cannot attend the even, you can still donate or volunteer. No amount of money or time is too large or small.

To purchase tickets/sponsor a table for the event, donate and/or volunteer please go to projectvietnam.org/gala2018

Please call Tracie Nguyen (714) 725-5469 or Quynh Kieu (714) 724-0850.

Become A Sponsor
Purchase Gala Tickets
Make A Donation For The Gala
Pre-Purchase Raffle Tickets

Smiles For Hope 2018 Gala Raises Over $100K

Miracle is the best word to summarize 2018 for Project Vietnam Foundation’s surgery team. We set out with a mission to bring a new smile to renew hope to impoverished children with cleft lip and palate deformities. These children struggle daily to feed, speak, and be a part of society. Project Vietnam Foundation’s surgery team, our donors, and volunteers are willing to move mountains to help these children. With each of our efforts adding like drops of water to form a tidal wave of love and cut through even the most stone hard obstacles.

Live Auction Items by Winn Slavin Fine Art | Daniel Winn

Live Auction by Winn Slavin Fine Art | Curator Daniel Winn

For the last 4 years, Daniel Winn has generously donated prestigious artworks to the PVNF gala, helping the foundation raise  between 50 – 70k each here through his live auction program at the gala. 

This year’s live auction items will be the most prestigious curated artworks hand selected by Daniel:

Artworks by:

Master Sculptor Ira Reines

Master Sculptor Tuan

Master Artist Michel Desroches

These blue-chip artist have been featured internationally in museums and art shows. 

To learn more about artworks at Winn Slavin Fine Art.

Visit www.winnslavin.com



Information about Daniel Winn

Daniel Winn is the Chief Executive Officer/President and driving creative force behind Masterpiece Publishing, Inc. and Winn Slavin Fine Art of Beverly Hills.  Since its formation as a joint venture in 1996 and through its incorporation in 1997, Winn has envisioned and brought Masterpiece Publishing to fruition as a leading fine art publisher.  Building a reputation of exceptional quality and impeccable ethics for the firm, Winn has brought together a team of art and business professionals with a combined range and depth of talent and experience that is unparalleled in the fine art industry. In the 17 years since its formation, Masterpiece Publishing, Inc. has earned a reputation as a premiere publisher of fine art in the United States, attracting world-class artists and significant attention from the wholesale fine art trade.

Since 2011, Winn has also been the Collection Curator of Winn-Slavin Fine Art, curating museum and gallery exhibitions throughout North America and Asia, in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In 2001, Winn was instrumental in the formation of The Academy of Fine Art Foundation, a public charity, where he currently serves as Board Chairman.  The Academy’s mission is the betterment of humanity through fine art.  In North America, the foundation partners with other non-profits, using fine art donated by artists, galleries and agents to raise funds for a variety of charitable causes.  The foundation also conducts an Outreach Asia program whereby funds raised in North America are used for direct support of orphanages, elder care facilities, the impoverished and others in need in Asia.

In 2009, The Asian Business Association of Orange County recognized Mr. Winn as one of the top Asian entrepreneurs of the year for his outstanding work in the fine arts industry.  His accomplishments and successes have been featured in The Laguna Post, The Orange County Register, Art Business News, and Art World News.

In addition to recognition within the fine arts industry, Winn’s accomplishments have been recognized by members of the California legislature including Senator Lou Correa, Senator Mimi Walters, Senator Bob Huff, Assembly Member Van Tran, Assembly Member Chuck DeVore, Assembly Member Jim Silva, and Assembly Member Ted Lieu.

Live Auction Items for the 23rd Annual PVNF Gala

To learn more about the items, please contact:

Mark Samala | mark.samala@projectvietnam.org | 714.425.3655

Spiral Nebula by Ira Reines
Rhapsody by Tuan
Emotéon Faceale Séries VIII by Michel Desroches