PVNF Smiles For Hope in San Jose, CA preps Arm Restraints for Upcoming Surgery Mission

PVNF Smiles for Hope Volunteers in San Jose got together to celebrate a successful 2018 fundraising gala. With a great potluck and an overflow of friendship, we congratulate each other on a job well done! But we can not forget to thank all our generous donors, friends, and family for your support!

After celebrating, we got to work right away to get ready for our Spring 2019 surgery mission in Quang Tri. With volunteers from age 7-75, we worked hard to make these colorful and functional arm restraints. From cutting ribbons to putting in soft foam padding and decorating with colorful duct tapes we hope to make the arm restraints comfortable and look less scary for our patients. Everyone contribute to the workload according to their ability. We even had singers serenading us while we work! It was 4 hours of hard work, but we kept going, knowing how crucial these arm restraints are for keeping our patients from scratching at their surgical wound, preventing wound opening/ wound infection, and keeping the IV in place so our patients don’t have to suffer through multiple iv sticks. These arm restraints will be sanitized and ready for our patients this spring!

In the meantime PVNF team in OC is getting ready for spring 2019 mission by working with our host hospital in Quang Tri, getting work permits, recruiting volunteers, and gathering patients. The work had only just begun! We will be sending updates as we progress through each stage of preparation. Will keep you posted!

Entertainment Line-Up for 23rd Annual Gala

We are almost SOLD OUT!! for the 23rd Annual Gala Fundraising Event. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, please visit us at www.projectvietnam.org/gala2018 to purchase a table, buy a ticket or become a sponsor.

This year we have a great line-up of singers
Le Toan
Teresa Mai
Truc Lam and Truc Linh

and a special live auction by Daniel Winn and Randy Slavin of Winn Slavin Fine Art.

For more information:
email – eventspvnf@projectvietnam.org

Teresa Mai
Le Toan
Truc Lam & Truc Linh

The Story of Siu H’Le – The Little Girl Who Never Stopped Hoping

On March 2, Myhanh and I traveled to Pleiku to pick up Siu H’Le and another child to bring with us back to Saigon. Although before our trip, we made a few stops, one at the temple for the families to say their prayers and one at an orphanage to bring gifts and treats. At the orphanage I witness one of the most awful things a child with a deformity can encounter, I’ve heard stories but when you actually experience the words and see children be halted frozen saying, “what’s wrong with your face, why are you like that, will I get that if I touch you” being that the little girl is deaf or partially deaf, these words are just words, but watching the mother be strong for the daughter was incredible.

The Calling of A Heart Doctor

When death comes knocking at the door and the hope of living just becomes a faint fantasy; the pain, the agony, the complications that come from heart problems carry a heavy payload that cries out “please let me die, please help me, or please just let me go.” It is a sad ordeal for a lot of us with family members who absolutely try their best to keep their loved ones alive.

Sponsorship Updates – Bronze Level | Sold Out

Congratulations to all the Bronze Sponsors for this year’s 23rd Annual Gala Fundraising Event. As of August 29, 2018, our Bronze levels are officially sold out. 

However, we still have the following sponsorships available.

  • Diamond – $10,000
  • Gold – $5,000
  • Silver – $3,000

To become a sponsor for our gala, please click here .

We are looking forward to having a successful gala that will help continue our mission in providing healthcare to the children of Vietnam and to support our new US initiatives in Mental Health support.