Cost Update for Spring Medical Mission 2019

Departure from USA.

Arrival location varies depending on your team selection and/or assignment.


The entire amount applies even if you do not work all days of your selected trip. Any unspent costs will be used to serve the needy children and families of Vietnam.

Surgery Team
March 16-24
Cost: $1,200
Location: Quang Tri Hospital, Quang Tri province, Vietnam

Primary Care Team
March 23-31
Cost: $1,000 
Location: Central Vietnam

Training Team
March 16-31
Cost: $2,000 
Locations: various locations throughout Vietnam

Combination Team (Surgery, Primary Care and/or Training)
March 23-31
Cost: $2,000
Locations: varies depending on current needs

Public Health Team 
March 23-31
Cost: $2,000 
Locations: Central Vietnam

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