Dental Team Report for PVNF


First of all, we are very proud and grateful to be a part of Project Viet Nam. Project Viet Nam has given us the opportunity to help the underprivileged children in desperate dental need.

OVERALL RESULT: In the last fourteen (14) years, the dental team had given excellent and compassionate dental care for 15,600 childrenin several remote locations throughout Viet Nam.  The chart below represents the escalating of dental services successfully provided by the team.

RECENT RESULT: During March 2018 mission, with ten (10) dentists and twelve (12) international volunteers, the dental team had provided tremendous amounts of extractions, fillings, emergency dental operations and dental hygiene education for one thousand five hundreds (1,500) needy childrenin rural areas of Quang Tri Province. Most of the children had received the 1stever dental treatment in their life.

BUDGET: In order to maintain and improve the essential dental care for the underprivileged children, the PVNF dental team totally relies on your tax-deductible contributions to establish an annual operation budget of $9,000 dollars, to provide dental services for 1,500 poor children each year ($6 dollars per child)

MANPOWER: In responding to the vast and desperate dental need in the rural areas of Viet Nam, wealways need more professional dental volunteers of all disciplines.  You are very welcome to be a part of the team for the next mission. 

The challenges to successfully provide portable dental services for the needy children in rural areas of Viet Nam are sometimes very demanding but can yield long lasting reward and personal accomplishment beyond description.” 

The needy children in Viet Nam would very much appreciate your generosity and unconditional support.

Together we will build a better and stronger team to ease the oral pain in the needy children as much as possible.  For those dentists who would interest in joining Project Viet Nam, please contact us at 714-888-5800.

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