Project Vietnam Foundation in a US-Based non-profit organization headquartered in Orange County, California. We serve both Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities both locally and in Vietnam. Our missions in Vietnam serves the impoverished rural areas of Vietnam with sustainable healthcare through surgical outreach programs, primary care missions with medical and dental missions, public health projects and medical training programs. For the Vietnamese-American communities in Orange County, our Bright Futures program serves to deliver support to families struggling with Mental Health issues with their youths.  

Our Missions in Vietnam Have Served

Smiles For Hope | Surgery Program

Over 2050 children have been given the gift of reconstructive surgery. With the help of local health services, PVNF is able to locate children in need of cleft lip and palate surgery. Many of these surgeries require a follow-up care of nutritional support, speech therapy and a follow-up surgery. 

Primary Care Team - Medical Mission

Over 93,000 patients through our Primary Care Missions. Every year, volunteers sign up for our Spring Medical Mission to provide Medical Care, Dental Aid, Vision Checks and Pharmaceutical Services. Our Spring Mission typically begin around February or March.

Dental Team - Medical Mission

Our Dental Team have served thousands of children who have never had dental services provided to them in the rural highland regions of Vietnam. Many children who live in the rural areas have no access to dental care; resulting in tooth decay, loss of teeth and poor dental hygiene. 

Collaborative Medical Training & Education

Hundreds of Medical Professionals have been provided with Medical Training and Education focused programs in Neo-Natalogy, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Specialized Care (i.e. Infectious Diseases, Pulmonary Care, Mental Health)

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Smiles For Hope 2018 Gala | San Jose, Ca

On Sunday August 26, 2018 join us at Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose for our annual Smiles for Hope Gala.  Help us give the gift of smile to every unfortunate child with cleft lip and palate deformity in Vietnam.  Through safe, compassionate surgical care, Project Vietn Foundation strive to help to these children improve their ability to eat without aspirating, speak more clearly, and have the confidence to face life without the  social stigma

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Mission Updates

November 2018 – Public Health Outreach

We will be working at the province of Quang Tri, central Vietnam with great needs where we have built sustainability for the last 2 years. Please review the enclosed materials to get an idea of the exciting opportunities: 1. Multiple programs ongoing at the province  with great local collaboration and partners at the hospital, and medical college 2. Helping to train the local health staff at the Medical College where we are working with the Department of Community

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