The Necessity of Arm Restraints for Children After Surgery


In order to get best healing, arm restraints are needed to keep the little hands away from the surgery area. Because the families have little resources, they cannot afford any baby seats or children devices which can assist the process. The parents have to work for survival and the restraints will allow them some safety of mind during the immediate 3-4 weeks following surgery.








– dimensions 5” x 7” minimum
– strong material yet soft to the little arms (thick quilt ) so it cannot be bent easily
– secured with Velcro across or ties which cannot be opened by the children
– 2 arm restraints (one for each arm) will be bound together by 1 string through the back so they cannot be removed easily.

The arm restraints are expensive yet very much needed to preserve the hard work and skillful repairs which change the lives of the children.

The restraints will go a long way to show caring and love towards the unfortunate children and their families.



  • Prevents pulling stitches, bandages, eye patches, etc. 
  • Prevents scratching and damaging injured or burned skin 
  • Prevents pulling NG tubes & IV tubes 
  • Prevents self inflicted injury 
  • Use in place of IV Boards 
  • Controls arm movement 
  • During training to stop thumb sucking 
  • Use when your doctor orders use of arm restraints for your baby