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The prevalence of cleft lip, cleft palate, or both in Vietnam is 0.149%, which equates to about 1750 newborns per year. On the surface, people often see this as a simple cosmetic defect. But underneath the cosmetic problem, these children often have difficulty feeding without aspirating, leading to high risk for ear, sinus, and lung infections. Chronic ear infections often result in hearing loss. These children also have problems with speech, leading to developmental delay, not to mention the social stigma affecting their self esteem. If left untreated, these children often become outcasts to society and are forever dependent on their family for care and support. With 2 simple surgeries (one to restore the lip and a second to repair the palate), Project Vietnam Foundation aim to restore hope for a brighter future for these disadvantaged children from poor families.

Volunteer Responsibilities During Surgery Outreach Mission

1.  Team assignment and Responsibility:  we have assigned you to one of 8 Peri-op teams based on the needs of PVNF Surgery Team and hopefully also matches your professional expertise.  During the week, there’ll likely be many unexpected events. We asked that you stay flexible to rotate in and out of teams/roles as needed when unexpected situations arise. 
2.  Sunday Clinic workflow.  Your station assignment will be given to you on Saturday night.
3.  Daily Schedule Overview for Monday-Friday
4.  For the Educational Team, I’m including the materials for your review prior to arriving in Vietnam: NPO instructions, Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Post-op Care instructions.
5.  Surgery Team Pre-op Evaluation :  There are multiple sections: Intake, Surgeon evaluation, Pediatrician Evaluation, Anesthesia Evaluation, and consent.