PVNF Picnic 2018 – General Public Invitation


Project Vietnam Foundation invites everyone for the Spring 2018 Picnic at Mile Square Park. We want to celebrate all the dedication and support that has been given to our foundation by volunteers, donors, supporters, friends, families and businesses. It is a chance for PVNF to show its gratitude and appreciation to the community and promote awareness about our projects both locally and in Vietnam.

Our volunteers have been working diligently to deliver the best experience to all that attend. With lots to eat, music, family and team games like tug-a-war, balloon toss, hula hoop race and more, special awards and recognitions and a chance to hear about our 2019 PVNF Vision for Missions to Vietnam.

This is a free event to the public who is interested in learning more about Project Vietnam Foundation and becoming part of our mission to help deliver the miracle of healthercare to the children of Vietnam.

We want everyone involved because without the support from the community, PVNF would not be possible.