PVNF holds successful Autism Education Series

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Project Vietnam Foundation’s success with autism series prompts continuation of other community education programs.

To fulfill new mission statement and provide education for the community, Project Vietnam Foundation cooperated with Orange County Autism Center to present a series of three community education seminars about Autism from Feb 5-18, which drew a growing audience of parents and caregivers.

Many gave emotional testimonies at the seminars, held at the Nguoi Viet Daily News in Little Saigon, which sponsored the series..

Because of popular requests, it will be followed by an additional two sessions in April on Managing Behavior problems in Children and Anxiety/Depression in children with special needs and adolescents, also hosted by the Nguoi Viet Daily News.

Throughout the year, PVNF will continue to host presentations for the general public relative to burning issues. Presenters are all experienced professionals with a long history of serving the Vietnamese-American community.