Initiatives: Projects / Programs

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Project Vietnam’s focuses on four activities throughout the year.

Medical mission trips to needy rural areas, in March and November annually for two weeks. The medical team provides essential surgeries for children with birth defects and eye problems, and medical, vision and dental care to children and families at villages and schools. The medical team obtains meaningful data on prevalent health conditions. The information allows us to suggest appropriate interventions and develop programs working with the local health workers.

Summer Service camps for 2 weeks in July, bring students from US/Canada to work with their Vietnam peers at rural medical clinics, construction projects, and activities with handicapped and orphaned children.

Training of local health professionals through national conferences, training courses and hands-on clinical teaching. Continued exchanges are maintained through consultations and research projects. We are looking for pediatric specialists, nurses, therapists, social workers seeking an exchange experience.

Long term collaborative projects at hospitals and/or in the community where our volunteers join with Vietnam healthcare personnel to improve prevalent healthcare and public health problems, by implementing basic simple interventions. Ongoing programs focus on newborn health, children’s access to emergency care, school health services, chronic conditions such as childhood asthma and hypertension, services for children with special needs, and environment health. Our volunteers spent a minimum of two weeks at various sites spanning the whole country.

The Medical Mission trips and Summer Service camps provide unique and diverse group experience, while Training projects best fit health personnel with teaching familiarity. We find collaborative projects essential for the development of sustainable changes, and we are actively recruiting for the special volunteer with dedication and flexibility who can work independently and creatively with the mentoring of our specialists.