The Volunteer Experience

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I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in the Summer Camp. It was a fantastic journey beyond my wildest imagination. I have never experienced anything like it and never will be able to duplicate its uniqueness. The selfless support provided to the children of Vietnam by each and every member of the Camp was a priceless jewel with infinite facets of brightness and brilliance. The children and their parents were breathtaking and awe inspiring. The unconditional and unshakable bonds of love in their expressive eyes were undeniable. I could sense hope for the future in each and every patient who was an adult. I will never forget Summer Camp, 2010. It is forever imprinted in my memory to be revisited again and again for unending discoveries.
I leave Vietnam today headed to the USA. This trip we saw over 1,335 kids on the dental side. We did testing at 10 schools for upcoming water projects. The surgery team did over 40 eye surgeries and our docs taught in medical forums in 3 different provinces. Our teaching staff taught and associated with 5 different schools regarding the importance of water. …and I am sure I missed some significant accomplishments that should be included. We had a few snafu’s–but our team is/was flexible as well as professional–and in the end all worked out well…and as important we replaced memories of conflict with faces of a people with hope—and I loved every minute of it.
Roger Lutz
LOVED IT. Great times, awesome people.
Stephanie Nguyen
The term “I’ve got places to go, people to see” seems to be a coined term nowadays. It’s been often said that traveling abroad opens many opportunities to learn; or at least more than what school can offer—meeting new people, trying savory foods, absorbing unique cultures—these are the aspects of traveling abroad that enrich people’s lives…  (read more)
Mushu Nguyen