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Welcome to the Project Vietnam Foundation (PVNF) Dental Mission

The goal of the Project Vietnam Foundation Dental Mission is to provide free dental care to poor children in rural Vietnam. Our dental team, consisting of international volunteers from the United States, Vietnam and others, provides emergency, diagnostic, preventive and restorative treatments, as well as oral hygiene education for children who otherwise would not have access to dental care.

The duration of each dental mission is usually one-week (five consecutive days), with each day at a different remote site in a Vietnam province. In the past several years, we have developed an operating manual to maximize the efficiency, while maintaining a high quality standard, for screening and treating over 2,000 dental procedures during each mission.

The challenges in successfully providing free dental services for these children in rural areas of Vietnam can be very demanding physically and emotionally, but can yield long-lasting rewards and a deep sense of personal accomplishments.

Besides the information about PVNF Dental Mission on our website, you can contact us at for more details. Just plain simple, PVNF Dental Mission would not exist without the dedication and commitment from the good hearts people like You so consider joining our dental team Today or making a donation to PVNF Dental Mission. Together we can make a difference in a day of a child to live without pain and suffering.

Your help to restore brighter smiles to needy children in Vietnam would be greatly appreciated.