2017 Spring Mission Q&A

2017 Spring Mission Q&A 2016-12-10T14:37:32+00:00
1. Who can volunteer with the Project Vietnam mission? 2017-12-05T21:51:20+00:00

Physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurses and other healthcare personnel, medical students, engineers, professors, handymen, and any volunteers with humanitarian passion can volunteer. For medical or surgical specialists, you may be working at a facility in Hanoi or HCM city most appropriate for your skills.

Knowledge of Vietnamese language is not a requisite, and referrals from past participants receive first priority. Early registration is recommended. Participants pay their own travel and land cost, which is tax-deductible. Please go to the website http://www.projectvietnam.org/get-involved-2/join-a-medical-mission/ to submit an online application, download the Medical Mission application, and follow the instructions to return the required documents, and contact the coordinator for an interview.

2. What kind of work can nonmedical volunteers do? 2017-12-05T21:52:49+00:00

Non-medical volunteers provide essential support for our medical trips. Because of the diversity of areas of assistance, volunteers are needed to help various teams in management tasks, patient education and relations, assisting physicians and dentists, supplies control & distribution, support work and translation if Vietnamese-speaking. We always need non-medical resources to provide assistance with patient transport, registration, instructions, and other tasks. These works offer opportunities for wonderful interactions with the needy children and their families.

3. How to apply for the mission? Do I need to fill out an online application? 2017-12-05T21:55:12+00:00

If you are a new volunteer, please go to our website http://www.projectvietnam.org/get-involved-2/join-a-medical-mission/ to submit an online application. We will email you the registration forms and the instructions to complete your application.

If you are a returning volunteer, the administration team offers a quick application process to assist you with the registration. Please send an email to pvnfmission@gmail.com to request for the registration forms or contact Chat Tran at Chattran@projectvietnam.org

4. Do I need a working visa to work in Vietnam? 2017-12-05T21:59:55+00:00

Since PVNF group is providing free medical care in Vietnam, the licensed health personnel will need a special visa which is equivalent to a temporary license, and the entire group will also need a special authorization for the medical works. 

Volunteers must have a working visa and a permit to participate in PVNF Medical mission works.

Visa Validity Working Visa Categories Vietnam Origin Non-Vietnam Working Permit Fee TOTAL COST
1 MONTH Health professional N/A $100 $150 $250
  Other volunteers N/A $100 $50 $150
3 MONTH Health professional $100   $150 $250
  Health professional   $120 $150 $270
  Other volunteers $100   $50 $150
  Other volunteers   $120 $50 $170
1 YEAR Health professional $150 $150 $150 $300
  Other volunteers $150 $150 $50 $200
5 YEARS Health professional $100 N/A $150 $250
  Other volunteers $100 N/A $50 $150
  • For people holding an active visa, a Vietnamese passport or a 5-year visa (US volunteers of Vietnam origin only), you still need a working permit for the medical work.  The working permit fees are $50 for volunteer and $150 for health professional. 
  • If you decide to travel before or after the trip to visit friends/family and/or sightseeing, you can use the above Visa and will not need to obtain any other visa. Be sure to specify the correct Vietnam entry/arrival date.
  • Filipino citizens can stay in VN for 21 days without a visa. You will need to use your Filipino passport for the entire time of the mission and still need a working permit for the medical work ($50 for volunteer and $150 for health professional). 
5. 2018 Spring Mission Sub-teams 2017-12-05T22:06:56+00:00
  • SGN/HCM = Saigon/Ho Chi Minh city
Sub-team Other information Location Dates
Surgical Team #1 Cleft lip/cleft palate children  Hospital 175, SGN/HCM Mar 3rd –  Mar 9th, 2018
Primary/Dental Care    Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province (central VN) Mar 10th – Mar 16th, 2018
Training, Cardiology   SGN/HCM TBD
Training, Cardiology    Hanoi TBD
Training, Pediatrics    SGN/HCM Mar 3rd – Mar 16th, 2018
Training, Pediatrics    Hanoi Mar 3rd – Mar 16th, 2018
Training, Neonatal    TBD TBD
6. Name of the place (city/town) that we are going to in Vietnam? 2017-12-05T22:23:26+00:00

Airport Names: 

  • Tan Son Nhat/TSN International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City/HCM (formerly Saigon/SGN)
  • Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi City

Typical International Carriers are:   Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong), Japan Airlines (via Tokyo), EVA Airway or China Airlines (via Taipei), Asiana Airlines (via Seoul), Delta, United Airlines.


Saigon/HCM City
Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Date of Arrivals

Sub-Teams Tan Son Nhat International Airport. (HCM /SGN) city Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi city
Surgical team 1 : Cleft lip/cleft palate children Saturday, March 3rd 2018

before  12:00pm (Noon).

Primary/Dental Care Saturday, March 10th, 2018

before  12:00pm (Noon).

Training- Cardiology tbd tbd
Training – Pediatrics tbd tbd
Training – Neonatal tbd tbd
7. Sub-Team Work Locations 2017-12-05T22:27:40+00:00
  • Cleft Palate Surgery:                      Hospital 175 – Saigon/Ho Chi Minh (SGN/HCM) city  
  • Primary/Dental Care: Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province (central Vietnam)
  • Training- Cardiology: Saigon/Ho Chi Minh (SGN / HCM) city;  Hanoi city
  • Training- Pediatrics: Saigon/Ho Chi Minh (SGN / HCM); Hanoi city
  • Training- Neonatal: TBD
8. What are typical costs to go on this mission? 2017-12-05T22:32:17+00:00

Cost is generally about $2000 for two weeks excluding visa and international flight. It will provide housing (double accommodations unless you pay a single supplement), meals and transportation including pickup at airport if you arrive with the group on March 3rd or March 10th.

  • International Air: US-VN you will need to purchase it on your own.
  • Land Cost: Includes transportation (domestic air and bus), meals,  one day sightseeing for the Primary Care team and a farewell Gala Dinner.  This includes also 2 PVNF shirts that you must wear during the medical clinics.
    • $950/person (double occupancy) one week for the Surgery team;
    • $1000/person (double occupancy) one week for the Primary care team (working in central Vietnam)
    • $1850/person (double occupancy) 2 weeks.
  • Working Visa cost – (See Question #4 for details)
  • Optional costs:
    • Travel insurance cost
    • Hotel Single occupancy
    • Additional PVNF shirts ($10/shirt)
9. Where do I stay during my mission trip? 2017-12-05T22:34:17+00:00
Sub-Teams Paragon Saigon Hotel-District 1 Rosaliza


in Hanoi


Hotel in Quang Tri


Hotel in Hue


In Saigon

Cleft Palate Surgery 03/03 – 03/09        
Primary/Dental Care          
Training – Cardiology          
Training – Pediatrics          
Training –  Neonatal          
  1. Paragon Saigon Hotel in District 1 HCM city – in the area of Japanese Town http://paragonsaigon.com
  2. Rosaliza Hotel in Hanoi. https://www.hotels.com/ho357948/rosaliza-hotel-hanoi-vietnam/
  3. Muong Thanh hotel in Quang Tri http://grandquangtri.muongthanh.com/en/home.html
10. Other information/questions 2017-12-05T22:33:20+00:00

Please read our Volunteer manual which will help answer many other questions such as What to pack? What immunizations are recommended? etc…

We try to accommodate special requests such as (vegetarian diet, rooming with other volunteer on the trip – spouses are automatically given shared accommodation) 

Please send your request ASAP to pvnfmission@gmail.com

For any other question, please email pvnfmission@gmail.com

You will be contacted after application for interview and will have the opportunity to ask more questions then.

11. Who should I contact for information or assistance 2017-12-05T22:46:43+00:00

For all general questions.                                   Pvnfmission@gmail.com


Subjects (1)   QK (2)   CT (3)   PT (4)   KT (5)   LL (6)   NT
Medical/Training Programs X          
Health Professional Assignments X          
Medical related topics X          
Application process /status   X        
Transportation arrangement   X        
Special requests on hotel reservation,  Health insurance, others   X        
Invoice and Payment, Tax receipts       X    
Dental Care & Primary Care Program/activity     X      
Visa related questions         X  
Other matters   X       X


Note: You and your party can extend your trip to explore Vietnam. We can recommend some travel agencies in Vietnam to handle your tour(s).