Medical Mission Application

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Thank you for your interest in our Medical Mission Trip.  We are now accepting applications for 2018 spring mission.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Mission Dates: March 3-18, 2018
Application Deadline: Monday, December 18, 2017 

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download Volunteer Manual.

download Payment for 2018 Spring Mission Instructions.

Who can volunteer with Project Vietnam mission? Dates & schedules

For the Medical trips, PVNF welcomes all physicians and healthcare personnel, engineers, technical people, handymen and volunteers with humanitarian passion.   For medical or surgical specialists, you may be working at a facility in Hanoi or HCM city most appropriate for your skills.  Cost is generally about $ 1800 – $2000 for the two weeks of work, excluding the cost for international flight.  It will provide housing (double accommodations unless you pay for a single supplement), meals and transportation including pickup at airport if you arrive with the group on March 3rd (1st week mission) or March 10th (2nd week mission).  More details for PVNF Spring mission trips will be provided to registered volunteers via emails

Knowledge of Vietnamese is not a requisite, and referrals from past participants receive first priority.  Early registration is recommended.  Participants pay their own travel cost, which is tax-deductible.   Participants are required to submit an online medical mission application along with some required documents as instructed online or via emails.  New volunteers are also required to contact Dr. Quynh Kieu or the coordinator for an interview.

Surgery teams:                  March 3-11, 2018, Location: Saigon,

Primary Care teams:        March 10-18, 2018 Location: Central Vietnam(Includes domestic flight and transportation to worksite).

Training Teams:                March 3-18, 2018, Locations: Saigon, South Vietnam and North Vietnam.

For inquiry on Project Vietnam work, please contact Quynh Kieu, MD at

What kind of work can non-medical volunteers do?

Non-medical volunteers provide essential support for our medical trips.   Because of the diversity of areas of assistance, volunteers are needed to help the various teams in management tasks, patient education and relations, assisting physicians and dentists, supplies control and distribution, support work and translation if Vietnamese-speaking.   Because of the absence of local resources, patient transport, registration, instructions etc… are done manually and offer opportunities for wonderful interactions with the children and their families.

What kind of visa is needed?

Since PVNF group is providing medical care, the licensed health personnel will need a special visa which is equivalent to a temporary license.   The entire group will need special authorization for the medical work. 

After September 2016, US and Vietnam have agreed on a one-year visa, multiple entries.   See following table for 2017 cost summary.


Visa validity Working Visa Categories Vietnam Origin  



Working Permit Fee

TOTAL COST(Visa+Permit)

1 MONTH Health professional N/A $100 $150 $250
  Other volunteers N/A $100 $50 $150
3 MONTH Health professional $100   $150 $250
  Health professional   $120 $150 $270
  Other volunteers $100   $50 $150
  Other volunteers   $120 $50 $170
1 YEAR Health professional $150 $150 $150 $300
  Other volunteers $150 $150 $50 $200
5 YEARS Health professional $100 N/A $150 $250
  Other volunteers $100 N/A $50 $150


  • For people holding an active visa, a Vietnamese passport or a 5-year visa (US volunteers of Vietnam origin only), you still need a working permit for the medical work.  The working permit fees are $50 for volunteer and $150 for health professional. 
  • If you decide to travel before or after the trip to visit friends/family and/or sightseeing, you can use the above Visa and will not need to obtain any other visa. Be sure to specify the correct Vietnam entry/arrival date.
  • Filipino citizens can stay in VN for 21 days without a visa. You will need to use your Filipino passport for the entire time of the mission and still need a working permit for the medical work ($50 for volunteer and $150 for health professional). 


How to apply for the mission?   Click here  to register for this event.

Before filling out the form, please gather these required documents:

1. Color scan of passport
2. Color scan of current Vietnam visa, if any (such as a 5-year visa)
3. License (current and covering the period of the medical mission) for all health professionals
4. CV or resume

How can I contribute further?

Project Vietnam is a non-profit organization and your financial contributions are tax-deductible.

Your supports are always welcome to assist the medical mission trips

  • $500 supports an operation for an indigent child with cleft lip/palate
  • $100 sends a CPR kit which can be used for 100 babies and will last 3 years on the average
  • We will need Vitamins for children, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, stuffed animals and gifts for poor families, lots of stickers for the children.

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