2017 Spring Mission Grows to 9 Teams

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There are nine teams offering their services in the two-week spring medical mission, including six training teams in the areas of cardiology, pediatrics, pediatric special needs, public health and neonatal.

  • The Cardiology team will work at five hospitals in Saigon and Hanoi inserting cardiac devices to treat patients with cardiac rhythm disorders, donated by Medtronic Foundation.
  • The Pediatric team will teach three Pediatric First Aid courses, training teachers and caregivers in essential interventions that can save young children’s lives, using the program of the American Academy of Pediatrics, translated by PVNF and taught since 2010 in collaboration with the Vietnamese American NGO Network.
  • The Pediatric/Special Needs team will work with medical personnel and teachers in Saigon, Vinh and Hanoi. This team includes developmental pediatricians, a speech therapist and special education professor at California State University, Fullerton.
  • The Public Health team will evaluate young children to verify environmental deficiencies and identify health hazards that are a source of interfering with developmental progress as well as train in the Clean Water Project at two remote Districts of Quang Tri.
  • The Neonatal team #1 will train nurses in the Neonatal Unit at Children’s Hospitals in Saigon, Vinh and Hanoi. The second team arrives on March 11 and will work at Quang Tri for two weeks. Neonatal team #2 includes eight doctors and nurses from across the globe.

This year we welcome the 22-member ENT surgical team from the University of Maryland. There are currently over 40 children and adults registered for non-standard head and neck surgeries at Hospital 175 in Saigon and funded by PVNF team at no cost to the patients.