Project Vietnam Foundation is a nonprofit humanitarian organization working to create sustainable pediatric healthcare in Vietnam, while providing free healthcare and aid to impoverished rural areas across the country.

Our Initiatives


Since 1995, renowned surgeons have donated their skills every March and November on medical missions to help restore the smiles and change the lives of over 1,770 Vietnamese children with birth deformities, from cleft lips and palates to eye defects to reconstructive and plastic surgery. Along with the surgeries, Project Vietnam provides screening, pre-op, and post-op care for the patients and their families.

Primary Care / Dental

With two medical missions to needy rural areas each year, Project Vietnam has treated over 81,100 children and needy adults with the Primary Care and Dental Teams. The Primary Care Team provides medical examinations and treatments as well as vision care to villages and schools. The Dental Team administers emergency, diagnostic, preventive, and restorative treatments, as well as oral hygiene education to children.


Project Vietnam’s volunteer medical specialists provide national conferences and seminars, training courses, and hands-on clinical instruction for local healthcare personnel to promote sustainable changes in Vietnam. Training programs currently include the Newborn Care Initiative, Pediatric First Aid, Pediatric Emergency and Cardiac Care, and Bright Futures, developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Breaths for Newborns

Started in 2002, Breaths for Newborns is an ongoing PVNF project that strives to rescue babies at birth by providing resuscitation devices and training programs. Along with International Relief Teams, Breaths for Newborns works to bring the American Academy of Pediatrics’ newborn resuscitation program to Vietnam. Through instruction and hands-on training, healthcare workers are able to prevent brain damage and successfully save babies.

Bright Futures

Working with the Children’s Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh, Bright Futures has been an ongoing project that not only provides general pediatric care, but also identifies children with developmental delay. Team members work to train and update the hospital staff in regards to information about ADHD, autism, motor delays, and NICU follow ups; they also participate in clinics for children with disabilities to provide interdisciplinary care and early intervention.

Special Projects

Every November, small outreach teams visit remote areas to collect information as well as help the smaller communities. These teams give local healthcare personnel access to medical training to improve the lives in their villages. Special project teams also work on clean water projects to provide safe drinking water to schools for children in these secluded areas. By working with local leaders, Project Vietnam creates lasting changes to ensure health services to these areas.

What’s New with PVNF?